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Fixed Fees

Unlike many other accountants we offer a fixed fee service. We agree all your fees in advance which means that you don’t get any surprises or an invoice for each phone call we make. This allows you the peace of mind for your own financial planning.

Monthly Payment Facility

Premium CreditThrough our arrangement with Premium Credit we can provide a facility for you to spread your fees over the year. If you prefer to manage your cash flow this way and avoid an annual lump sum then this is an ideal way to pay tour fees for accounting services.

Our Team

Chartered Accountants Logo - Investor in People LogoOur motto is ‘Strength in Numbers’ but our strength is really in our people. We have a team of committed professional dedicated to provide you with an account service which makes your life stress free.


WDM was initially created as Watson, Dunne & Co over 20 years ago and  have maintained a list of loyal clients who we continue to support whilst adding to our client portfolio with new starts  and established business looking for additional or more specialised accounting services

In our 20 year history  we have remained committed to seeing our clients through all the varied phases of starting up, growing, and selling your business.


As Chartered accountants we are registered to carry on audit work and regulated for a range of investment business activities by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. If you are unsure why you should select a Chartered Accountant to handle all your financial management see what ICAS say (the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland)

7 Questions You Must Ask An Accountant Before Hiring Them

1. Are Your Fees Fixed?
Don’t put up with absurd accountancy bills that a lot of accountants charge…. all of our fees are xed from day one, so you’ll never get a shock or any horrible surprises. And to ease your cash ow, you can pay us a low affordable monthly fee rather than having to pay us a bill in one go at the end of the year.

2. Do You Offer free unlimited Support?
Don’t you just hate accountants that charge for every minute of their time and for every letter they send you? We are here to support you and help you to create a pro table business. So if you need to have a meeting, ask us a quick question, or need some advise…just pick up the phone, drop us an email or pop in to see us – free unlimited support.
We Also Value Your Time – How you invest your time is critical to the level of success you will have in business. So we don’t ask you to take a few hours out of your busy day to come and see us, we will come to you so you can get on with running your business.

3. Do I Have Direct Contact To Senior Partners?
Unlike other rms you are free to contact WDM’s senior partners whenever you need to. We also operate a ‘No Call Screening’ policy meaning we never ask who is calling and you’re put straight through. We love speaking to our clients and believe it shouldn’t cost you any extra.

4. What If You Fail To Meet Deadline?
You are busy enough running your business, the last thing you should be worrying about is the key ling deadlines. In the highly remote event we do miss a deadline, not only will we pay ALL nes, we will actually give you £200 for the hassle and aggravation.

5. How Easy Is It To Change My Accountants?
We offer a fast, easy and hassle free done-for-you service to switch accountants. We realise some people might not want to have that awkward conversation with their existing accountant. So we have an easy, professional and courteous way to handle everything on your behalf so you don’t even need to have that conversation. WDM make the process of changing accountants a seamless and enjoyable transition. If need be we will have your Registered Office changed to WDM straight away and joining WDM will give you immediate access to our experienced team and range of great services.

6. Do You Offer Any Help To Grow My Business?
We grow our business by helping you to grow yours. Our mission is to build a strong long term relationship with you, our client, to the level that you think of us as an invaluable asset in your business. We invest our own money in running specialist workshops and seminars for our clients on business growth strategies, sales and marketing and business planning.

7. What’s The First Step To Find Out More?
Our free complimentary no-obligation consultation is completely different to other accountants;
We will give you at least 3 bullet proof business maximisation strategies that can literally add thousands to your business in a very short space of time. You will walk out of that meeting with viable solutions to your most pressing business and nancial challenges.
Even if you decide we’re not the accountants for you, we’ll give you a complimentary copy of ‘Instant Cash ow’ with 100’s of proven strategies to win customers, boost margins and take more money home… And will give you £50 made out to any charity of your choice…if, after meeting with us you think it was a complete waste of your time. We’ll then shake hands and wish each other the best of luck … because we’re not just your normal average accountant.


We’re confident that what you find will be what you need. We’re at your service.

How can we help?

All of our services come with completely FREE and UNLIMITED SUPPORT. Request Your FREE, No Obligation Meeting Today in which you will be given at least 3 business maximisation strategies. Call 01698 250 251 or use our online enquiry form or email us. Even if you decide we’re not the accountants for you, we will give you a FREE copy of 11 ways to double your customer base in 4 weeks with proven strategies to win customers, boost margins and take more money home
7 Questions you must ask an accountant
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From the opening of our store to the eventual sale of four stores seventeen years later, WDM have provided invaluable assistance all the way along. They are more than just an accountant to us and we couldn't speak highly enough of them.

Pat McKenna - McDonalds Franchisee
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